About Us

Welcome to Escape Reality!


 Where you can experience unknown realms of imagination and adventure. Your reality becomes whatever and wherever you choose it to be. Using the latest HTC Vive technology and offering more than hundreds of the newest and most popular gaming and adventure choices. Individual Space VR environments are designed for the most advanced, room-scale immersive VR experiences.  Enter into and actively participate in full 360 degrees, whether as a single player or joining your friends in multi-player adventures. Our HTC Vive systems are driven by powerful computers and have superior graphics capability, providing state of the art VR experiences.

Racing Simulator


Passionate about racing? Take your experience to the next level! Playseat Alcantara is the definitive solution for the ultra-realistic driving simulation to be experienced. Great comfort and the great adjustments system allow all the drivers, even the youngest ones, to customise the cockpit in order to easily find their ideal driving position. 

Real Swing Golf Simulator


You might not be outside, but you swing real clubs, you use a real ball. The courses are mapped out to a tee (no pun intended) and the ball flight is shown in real time on the screen. You can drive the ball off the tee, you can hit out of bunkers, hit off the fairway or rough, chip the ball on the green and even putt. After playing 18 holes on a Full Swing Golf Simulator, the question whether or not golf was real or not will get thrown out the door!